Good morning my beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen, by August/September, most of you will come here for post utme.

Unizik Post Utme is not that difficult but it is technical, the examination is Computer Base (CBT), it is very easy to pass and also very easy to fail if you don’t think well. When the time comes, I shall help some of you on what to expect.


After merit admission list comes Supplementary Admissions for those who didin’t reach their departmental cut off, you will be required to change your initial course and try a new and lower course for possible admission consideration (There’s no 100% guarantee on this; its simply a ‘Try Your Luck’ Game).

The best admission is Merit Admission, that’s why it is good to read extremely hard and pray. The only person who can help you is Jesus Christ, God can effect positive changes in your academics pursuance, when reading, try to include God, refrain from doing bad things, sin seperates us from God, Jesus never disappoint when you keep his commandment.

During Post Utme, don’t be afraid of the population you will see. Stop asking how many people are going for this course, it doesn’t speak volume.

You are special and so is your destiny, during our own time, we saw population, but we didn’t even bother because we knew we will get it, It all depends on your believe, don’t be distracted by the population you will see.

This year God will remember you, he knows your pains and difficulties. Some of you going for Engineering (ect), Physics, Mathematics, MBBS, Radiography, Med Lab, BCH, MCB, and other science courses I have materials I will give you FREE when you enter Unizik you will see its usefulness when you land here come January, 2021. So, don’t be demoralized, no matter your score, you can still make it dear.

Immediately after Aptitude Test, I will meet varios HODs to get the cut off narks and publish it here so that you will know your chances. I will be guiding you till you crossover like I have being doing over the years, I know Unizik Is your Dream school, God will surely remember you this year. Don’t be afraid, you can do it, those in UNIZIK don’t possess two heads, I’m not the most intelligent but today I’m a Unizik, its all about God.

Finally, kindly Call/WhatsApp: 08099402384 to get our updated zik PUTME Past Questions, Solutions and Answers. This material is unique and are available on both hard and soft copies.
Time waits for no one, get your copy and start preparing extensively for your Post Utme; this is your year…..

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