UNIZIK Post uTME examination maintains a specific standard of questioning. All unizik candidates will be required to answer 50 questions.

English 20 questions

10 question each from your jamb combination.

Many people are afraid about their scores, let me tell you; be optimistic and beat your chest that you will be a zikite this year.

The cut off before unizik Aptitude Test only qualifies you writing the entrance exam and not a guarantee that you will gain admission, though one of the factor required for screening is the eligibility admission cut off mark for the past four year it have been 180 for educational courses while 200 for competitive courses except for 2019 Unizik peg eligibility admission cut off mark as 160, for some science, 180 for educational courses and 200 for competitive courses and also for the past four year unizik post utme cut off mark have been 40% for educational courses and 45% for competitive courses except in 2019 when the school released departmental cut off mark, All this happen in previous year not in 2020 academic session.

Most Unizik candidates with low UTME score last year made it. So don’t be discouraged, what you need now is courage. Stop asking whether 230, 180, 210 is Good to study this or that course, relax until after Jamb 2020 admission policy meeting which will be held very soon.

The fact remains that no cut off has been released by JAMB. No cut cut off has been assigned for 2020 admission, so any score is good, what you need is to be calm and watch the game,

Finally, cut off mark is not the same every year, it is not static. Unizik Cut off differs every year, It generally depends on the average performance of candidates for that academic/admission session.

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