UNIJOS Resumption Date For 1st Semester 2019/2020 | UPDATED

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UNIJOS Resumption Date


Further to the circular of the National Universities Commission (NUC) Ref. no. NUC/ES/138/VOL63/153 dated 6th January, 2021, directing Universities to re-open on the 18th of January, 2021 for the continuation of academic activities and ours on same subject matter dated 7th” January, 2021; notice is hereby given to Staff, Students and the General Public for the re-opening of Gombe State University on Monday, the 25th of January, 2021.



UNIJOS Resumption Date For Completion Of 1st Semester 2019/2020

However, the resumption of Students on campus for the completion of First Semester 2019/2020 Academic Session is staggered as follows:



1) Mon. 25h Sat. 6th Feb. 2021
Resumption of 400L Arts & Social Sciences, Education and Science. 300L-600L Medicine and 500L Pharmacy
students. 2 Weeks Revision/Exams for 400/500 levels students.



2). Sun. 7 Feb. 2021
Mon. 8-Sat. 13 Feb. 2021
Resumption of 300 level students on campus. 1 Week Examinations for 300 level students.





3) Sun. 14h Feb. 2021
Mon. 15h- Sat. 20″ Feb, 2021
Resumption of 200 level students on campus. 1Week Examinations for 200 level students.



Sun. 21 Feb, 2021
Mon. 22d Feb.- Sat. 6th Mar.
Mon. 8h-Sat. 13th Mar. 2021
Resumption of 100 level students on campus. 2 Weeks Lectures for 100 level students. 1 Week Examinations for 100 level students


The University is determined to safeguard the lives of Staff and Students by strictly adhering to the extant safety protocols and advisories and the NCDC Guidelines on COVID-19.


The guidelines are as follows:

University Hostels will be opened to accommodate students as from Friday 22nd January, 2021. No student will be allowed into the hostels earlier than that date.


• Hand washing materials will be provided at strategic points within the campus and students are requested to wash their hands as frequently as they can.


• Students are expected to put on their face masks within and outside the University premises. In this regard, each student is to bring at least ten (10) sets of washable fabric face masks. These will also be available at the University Health Services for those who do not have. Students who can afford medical/surgical face masks are free to come with them. They will be expected to dispose of these hygienically.


• Students are to ensure social distancing by avoiding hand shaking, hugging, and all forms of crowding together in and around the campus.


• Each student is to come with pocket size hand sanitizer which he/she would carry at all times and be used frequently to sterilize his/her hands.


• Students should avoid activities that entail crowding e.g. football viewing and worship centres except where provision is made for strict compliance with COVID-19 Prevention Protocols.

• All students are to carry their I.D. cards all the time for easy identification.

• Visitors to the hostels are barred until further notice.

• Common and reading rooms in hostels remain closed till further notice.

• Social functions of any kind in the University are banned until further notice.

• All students are to put on their face masks while riding on shuttle buses.

• Students residing off campus are to ensure compliance with COVID-19 prevention protocols in their residences and while in school.

• Parents of students who test positive will be called to take them home for self-isolation or where possible taken to designated isolation centers or government-approved treatment centers until they convert.

• All students will be expected to sign an undertaking to abide by these guidelines.

In case of Emergency, contact any of the following numbers:

– 07037775307

– 08039716956

– 08035916833

– 08035890679

– 08037001190

– 08039732665

– 09064800829







NB: This circular supersedes the earlier one released.



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