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  1. Political Science: The Corona Virus likely may have been a man-made biological weapon to control the world or may have truly been an outbreak as purported by the media. Discuss.
  1. Economics: Discuss the economic effect of the corona virus and how it may/may not have helped shaped the world’s industries today. What is the likely outcome of the world economy in 10 years based on this event?
  2. Statistics: In a normal population of 500,000 people, a survey of the number of cases of corona virus was conducted with a sample of 1000 people and the number of corona cases was discovered to be 700. Another survey was carried out with a sample of 2600 and the number was recorded at 800. Using a CI of 95% prove that the number of corona cases is not greater than 700.
  3. History and International Relations: In what year was corona virus discovered and how was it discovered and by whom? Discuss and give references.
  4. MCB/BCH/MGB/MBG/PSB/ETC: Draw and label a corona virus. Discuss its economic importance and mode of propagation with a diagram.
  5. PIC: Corona Virus is/was said to be cured by a mixture of Chloroquine and . Draw the structural and molecular formula of the mixture and what will be the reaction when mixed with HCL and CH3COOH? Give reasons and laboratory procedure.
  6. Maths/Engr/Physics: The corona virus is/was said to last 10hrs in air. A man of height 5.5m sneezed, how far from the ground will the virus be in air and how long till it reaches the ground judging from the man’s height? If a woman of height 6m inhales air, what is the chance of she not inhaling a corona-infested air and why?
  7. Medicine/Pharmacy/Etc: A woman was infected with corona virus and developed acute symptoms of the disease. A student doctor administered an overdose of Chloroquine accidentally and she started having reaction as a result. What are her chances of survival and how can the patient be made stable again?
  8. Law: A man was accused of robbery and theft and was to be sentenced to jail. The man was diagnosed to have Coronavirus and his Lawyer pled for leniency based on that ground. As a judge, how can you justify the matter seeing that the man must not be seen in public? 😎Also, discuss the implication of this virus on the Nigeria judicial system.
  9. Mass Comm: The media is both an agent of propaganda and encouragement. What role has the media played in encouraging the spread of the coronavirus news and how has it changed the society at last? (Not less than 100,000 words. To be submitted on Friday)


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