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The address by President Muhammadu Buhari on April 13the, 2020 is very uninspiring and tiresome, the leadership of the current handler of our democracy at the topmost level has been put to test many times during crisis, yet there have not been a time when the president demonstrated any touch of capacity or leadership ability to handle any of the situations.

Mr president, you failed to appreciate the front line warriors ( Medical personnel), you failed to address the insecurities, No 24hours electricity, robbery in Lagos and Ogun states.These are questions begging for answers in this country. Yet the presidential address only focus on issues that has little or nothing to do with the worries of Nigerians at this troublent time.

To Mr president, the whole essence of the lockdown is to prevent a major catastrophe in form of mass deaths courtesy of COVID-19. But are we not on the same path with this extension of the lockdown without palliatives and incentives to cushion the negative effects? Trust me the truth is bitter people are suffering yet people seat in their comfort zones and give stupid orders not minding how the poor masses Survives?

It is becoming clearer that people will eventually make the choice to either die by hunger due to lack of basic ingredients necessary for survival or become victim of the deadly Coronavirus.

It is a pity we are selective about the things we immitate from the western nations because of our parochial interests in this country. Shame!
“My consolation is however in the fact that nothing lasts forever.”

We are watching and God is watching.
It is very wrong that no consideration was made at least to relief the Masses of some certain bills as it is done in other countries where human welfare is priority. In that broadcast he should have announced that there will be Free electricity and other things, since yesterday in Lagos, Iyana ipaja axis no sleep….. Robbers disturbing the axis. Where are the security operatives or are they in isolation too?

What abt those on salary, is there any compensation for them? Most workers are been threatened “no work no pay,with the lockdown, must of them can’t go to their workplace, any hope for them?

VAT is still on, Why not remove that…. At least announced to companies that so so money will be given or reduce from their taxes so they will compensate their workers, with complete removal of VAT most companies will be happy to reward their staffs.

Without mincing words this government is the most clueless and dumbest we have ever witnessed in this democratic era.Ghana here put some measures to help it’s citizens, South Africa is paying their citizens while in Nigeria our political leaders use it as an opportunity to siphon public treasure.

My Fellow Nigerians, Stay safe, Observe the preventive measures, otherwise we may not be alive to watch while posterity is judging them.


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