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His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano of Anambra State, I read Your Speech on the Incident at Nkpor and the death of Ebuka.


I didn’t hear anything like; more investigations to be done, Talk with the mother and family and the commissioner of police on enforcing lock down, harassment and extrajudicial killings. At least hear both sides, address issues, and comfort the bereaved.

You said you will take the burial cost. How? When You’ve not spoken with Mama Ebuka.

That she ate this morning was Akwaugo1 Foundation money transfer. She cuts grass for a living and sells yam too. Sleeps on mat, no bed, leaking roof. Truly poor, that’s grade one poverty, a widow and now her only son dead.

Know that reports are coming to the media on a daily that SARS, harass, bully and mass arrest citizens going to get food, ATM or drugs.

In fact SARS came to Federal Housing packed youths. If not for the Chairman and Army at the gate.

2 callers reported that around CPS – Onitsha people are arrested for nothing and made to pay 10k, 5k for bail. A woman’s brother who went to the ATM was arrested, his money and ATM seized and he was thrown into the cell like a criminal.

Please Address these Police. They don’t know essential services, market days and time. They’re monetizing the Lockdown enforcement.

They Flog Ndi-Anambra like slaves even when they obey and don’t retaliate. Look at the one that happened today at DMGS, the man humbly obeyed you, left his jeep and entered the police van, yet the police was flogging him, his face like an animal or slave.

Note: Ndi Anambra has a #Right_To_Live despite the lock down and restriction of movement.

People eat once a day, some are depressed and some are sick. They can hit someone and they die straight.


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