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Information reaching us has it that the management of federal polytechnic Nekede(PFO) has approved the creating of an e-Learning virtual classroom platform for academic activities during the stay-at-home order as directed by the Federal Government to reduce the spread of the covid-19 pandemic.


According to our informant Nekede Hods should urgently develop their e-Learning timetable for upload both on the website and on the different groups.


Nekede Hods should monitor their lecturers to ensure that they login to the e-Learning portal and start lectures immediately.


Each department will be rated according to their activities and traffic on the e-Learning platform.


The Management will monitor strictly the performance and activities of each lecturer and query any lecturer who do not utilise this opportunity.


This exercise is geared towards achieving the Rector’s vision of optimum academic participation and perform.

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the password is case sensitive.
Feel free to ask questions if you encounter any problems.

Only students who have paid their school fees can participate in the virtual classes.
We will update names as they pay their school fees.

Encourage your students to go and pay their school fees so that they can participate in the online classes.

Assignments will be given.

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