LSG Volunteer Corp for Healthcare Workers 2020

The Lagos State Volunteer Corp (Team Lagos) as a platform will address the following: 

  • The gaps in essential service delivery
  • Provide an opportunity for people to give back to the society
  • Build positive community relations
  • Improve employability prospects of youths through job experience


Who can Volunteer?

Online Volunteering allows the government tap into a wide range of skills and expertise, opening a door to: 

  • Students
  • Diaspora (volunteer from anywhere)
  • Retirees
  • People who are actively engaged in the labor market but wish to contribute to a meaningful cause while pursuing a demanding career.
  • Particularly accessible to people with disabilities, who might otherwise have been excluded from such engagement.

How to Join

  • Sign up to register or log in if registered, either as an individual or an organisation.
  • create projects. 

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