JAMB release guidelines for 2020 admission 

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JAMB release guidelines for 2020 admission.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and heads of all tertiary institutions have agreed to commence the 2020/2021 post- Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) screening on September 7.


Oloyede stated that institutions whose post-UTME screening is mandatory for candidates would have to spread such exercise in two phases.


For those (institutions) who want to take post-UTME, that cannot be earlier than the 7th of September and it will be held twice- 7 September to 4 October, and then it will be held for the second time on the 18 November to mop up those who are taking their school certificate examination,” he stated.


Oloyede said institutions that conduct admissions without the administration of any-post UTME screening should also ensure candidates whose SSCE results will be released towards the end of the year are not denied participation in the admission exercise



  1. Applicants must upload their O’ Level results on the Board’s portal before the commencement of admission exercise
  2. Applicants are required to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ admission before the process is deemed to have been completed
  3. Any candidate who has chosen an institution as second, third or fourth choice did not need any change of choice or payment to JAMB to be considered for admission exercise during the period of the second choice admission exercise.
  4. Admissions will be based on the approved institutional/programmes cut-off marks and minimum UTME score for admission prescribed for each school subject to the respective National Minimum UTME scores.
  5. Cut-off marks for admission will be determined by minimum UTME score/direct entry grade, post UTME (if applicable), grading of Senior School Certificate grades, interview/practical scores and percentage allotted to UTME score range from 50 percent to 100 percent, (if applicable).
  6. Tertiary institution must use 2020 UTME/direct entry results, JAMB 2020 admission quota as prescribed by the regulatory agencies, 2020 UTME brochure, guidelines on admission as prescribed by the proprietors and policy decisions reached at the meeting and directives of the Minister of Education.
  7. For a candidate to be registered in any institution from 2020 admission exercise, he/she must be recommended by any institution, admitted and approved by JAMB, accept the offer online on JAMB’s website at no cost, print both result slip and admission letter, screen and present acceptable credentials.
  8. Candidates who wish to Upgrade their UTME to Direct Entry (DE) can easily do so by logging in to their profile and perform the changes free of charge. Please note that this process is irreversible once its been done.
  9. Before a candidate can be moved or transferred to another programme, their would be transfer alert (notification from CAPS) to the candidate to either accept or reject the movement
  10. Cut off date & Admission exercise can’t be earlier than 21st August, 2020
  11. No institution would be able to finalise admission exercise until after cut-off date
  12. No institution would be able to move candidates into merit level unless ALL positive candidates above him/her are admitted either by merit, catchment or ELDS
  13. After upload of O’ level by a candidate, any admission to be done MUST consider him/her
  14. If any institution request for opening of change for programme or institution, it MUST consider all the candidates who have uploaded
  15. The 2020 Admissions Exercise to Public Universities for First Degree ends on a date to be announced in December, 2020; 

JAMB release guidelines for 2020 admission.

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), has released the guidelines for 2020 admission exercise, encouraging institutions to strictly comply with the guidelines for a successful 2020 admission exercise.
The document which has, apparently, been dispatched to institutions, went with an appeal from JAMB to heads of institutions and admission officers to carefully study and understand the content of the document, with a view to implementing it fully for a seamless and transparent admission exercise.
JAMB said the guidelines are expected to guide all participants in admission process, even as it explained the nitty-gritty of the processes of admission of candidates into the tertiary institutions.
JAMB Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, in a letter addressed to Vice Chancellors, Rectors, Provosts, solicited their usual cooperation and understanding, stressing the strategic importance of the guidelines to the success of the 2020 admission exercise. JAMB release guidelines for 2020 admission.
He asked them to ensure total compliance with the guidelines, insisting that sanctions shall be fully applied to institutions that violate the decisions.
JAMB Registrar, in the letter addressed to the institutions, insisted that admission exercise for the 2020/2021 academic session would be conducted on Central Admission Processing System (CAPS), and no institution is allowed to publish, announce, exhibit or paste any name(s) of admitted candidate without prior approval of the name on CAPS.
He confirmed JAMB Registrar (Chairman), Heads of Tertiary Institutions; Director of Admissions (JAMB) Admission Officers of Tertiary Institutions; JAMB Desk Officers; and Candidates as principal participants in the admission process.
He also confirmed that 1st and 2nd Choices Admission-Exercise will be conducted for all institutions from 21st August, 2020, to a later date that would be determined by the Federal Ministry of Education and communicated to all the institutions.
Meanwhile, JAMB said the guideline document touched on required academic qualifications for admission, admissions quota as prescribed by the regulatory bodies; UTME brochure as published and on IBASS; guidelines on admissions as prescribed by the institutions’ Proprietors (Federal, State and Private); and policy decisions on 2020 admissions exercise.
The document advised candidates who desire to upgrade to Direct Entry (DE) from UTME, to logs into his/her profile, choose upgrade and complete the process at no cost. It added that the platform allows the candidate to also change programme or/and institution at no cost.
Once it’s done, ‘U’ is automatically added to original registration number and the uploaded result is automatically made available to the institution through CAPS. The upgrade can be done before or after Post-UTME but the candidate must notify the institution in order to update their download list from CAPS,” it noted.
Regarding the procedure for admission exercise, JAMB advised institutions to recommend candidates for admission after having presented to the Board, the approved general quota for each institution and the distribution to the various programmes; minimum UTME score for each programme; minimum DE qualification grades for DE candidates; components of cut-off marks and the allotted score for each component; the cut-off date for the 1st and 2nd choice admissions after which no result upload nor change of Institution as 1st Choice would be allowed among several others in accordance with the guideline document.
JAMB, however, said that for a candidate to be registered in an institution from 2020 admissions exercise, such candidate must have been recommended by the institution; been approved and admitted by JAMB; accepted the offer online on JAMB’s website at no cost; printed both Result Slip and Admission Letter directly from JAMB’s website; and must have been screened and must have presented acceptable credentials.

JAMB Deadline for 2020/2021 Admissions Exercise

i. The 2020 Admissions Exercise to Public Universities for First Degree ends on on a date to be announced in December, 2020;
1st Choice: August 21st – to a later date that would be determined by the Federal Ministry of Education and communicated to all the institution;
2nd Choice: on a date that would be determined by the Federal Ministry of Education and communicated to all the institution;
ii. The closing date for Admissions to Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Innovation Enterprise Institutions for NCE, ND and NID respectively will be at a later date that would be determined by the Federal Ministry of Education and communicated to all the institution;;
iii. The closing date for Admissions to Private Institution will be at later date that would be determined by the Federal Ministry of Education and communicated to all the institution;

JAMB release guidelines for 2020 admission

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