Ways to earn money online

Ways to earn money online

Ways to earn money online
Ways to earn money online

Ways to earn money online

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Ways to earn money online….

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I’ll be teaxhtea you the various ways of making money online of which I’ve tried and benefited from it…

Ways to earn money online

Everything in life is all about risk..

Below are the various ways of which you can earn money online




WinApay is an IQ Online gaming Platform that pays you in 5 minutes for testing your IQ knowledge on any categories from Technology, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Fashion/Beauty and Politics/Current Affairs.

One of the amazing fact about it, is the ease of playing the IQ game, the Fun and the knowledge you gain while playing the free version at no cost. All you just have to do is click on the get started button and you will see various questions you have to answer and if you get them right, you win a pay or a prize to your bank account in less than 24hours after requesting for withdrawal.

How winApay works.

When you register as a user on winApay. You will need to credit or fund your winApay acount with a minimum of N210. You credit your account so that you will be able to play to get Paid.

When you choose a plan of 200Naira , You get paid 2,000Naira if you score 10 Question Right or you get paid back 200N When you score 8 to 9 question correct and 100Naira when you score 6 to 7 question right.

Also when you choose a plan of 500 Naira, You get paid 4,000 Naira to your winApay appount in less than 5 Minutes when you get 10 questions right and you can withdraw it anytime you feel Like.


Ways to earn money online

100% legit

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I’ve withdraw #20,000 from winapay

  • How to register for winapay
  • Click here to register

2. NNU



How Can I Earn And How Much Can I Earn On NNU Income Program?

As a participant, you have 5 options to earn more money to your bank account every month on NNU Income Program.

1. NAP: As an affiliate, you earn 62.5% per each referral. When you introduce your friends to participate on NIP, you earn N1,000 Naira from their entry fee / product purchase and becoming part of NNU Community. In future when we will be having more valuable products, you will be earning more commission per sales.

NARS: As a participant, we share ad revenue with you when you take part of NNU activities monthly.

2. Active daily login: When you login to your account daily on NNU browsing and reading news, you earn N50 or more depending on daily revenue share.

3. Reading post, Commenting and Contributing: When you browse and read latest post daily and contribute your view by comment, you earn from N2 and above on each post you commented depending on daily ad revenue.

4. Posting Forum Topic: You earn N100 for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that get approved on the website.

5. Sharing sponsored post on Facebook and Twitter: We assign a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline Twitter daily, you earn N100Naira daily on assigned post you share as recommended.

We assign a particular post to members on daily basis which we only pay for. On pay day, your Facebook timeline will be reviewed to see if NNU assigned sponsored post is present on your timeline as recommended including other activity logs on your account, we then calculate your eligibility and pay you including other activities and affiliate earning with our monthly revenue share.

Earning activities amount are not limited to the above mentioned, we do overall calculation monthly and share among all eligible active earners while we disburse payment on 27th – 30th or end of the month. So once you register and activate your account by purchasing NNU Income Pack, you will need to edit your profile and provide your bank account details while you start taking part in NNU activities. In conclusion, You could be making more than N10,000 Naira daily when you are serious in taking part in NNU activities.

Your referral earning + Daily login earning + Commenting + sharing post on Facebook could earn you at least N50,000 Naira or more every month.

NNU is 100% legit

Click here to register for NNU

I earned #50,000 from nnu last month.

With this 2 listed method above u can even sponsor yourself in tertiary institution…

Hope to see you all testifying soon


If you have any problem ,please use the comment section … I’ll reply in a jiffy

Ways to earn money online

Papi lency stories – CHOICES Episode 1


Papi lency choices

Papi lency choices

Episode 1

I enjoyed the feel of the liquor as it burned down my throat while I swayed to the music that was blasting loudly in the crowded club. I definitely enjoy nights like this where I finally let go and have all the fun possible.
At 27, I can boldly say that life has been great for me. I am young, beautiful and confident. I make my choices and I live by them. I try my best to come out with my girls at least twice a month. What is the whole point of working so hard and being young if I can’t have fun. The dull life can start when I do eventually get married and even then I hope I don’t get tied forever to a dull face.
I am a Masters degree holder and I have a good job, I also have a boyfriend whom I am in love with and we have been together for two years now. All our friends and family have already started planning the dream wedding on our behalf but I try not to think of it. I look forward to a real surprise proposal after all. Beside me was Tola and Chinonso already high and we were having so much fun dancing and drinking in the VIP section. We have had constant supply of drinks since we walked in from different guys hoping we’ll give them some attention but we were pretty seasoned at warding off unwarranted attention. After all, how many husband material guys do you meet in clubs? My thoughts though. So basically, every time we go clubbing, we dance like our lives depend on it, we tease all the guys and we go home and sleep it off at home. We share an apartment and we’re absolutely loving it. Our parents stay far away from Abuja where we all work. All except for Chinonso who doesn’t have an eight to five job like Tola and I but has a fashion outfit. Her ready to wear outfits are trending all over social media so we kind of get a lot of free outfits.


This particular night was actually funnier than the others because Tola had been trying to ward off one handsome guy that had been attaching himself to her all night. The guy just was not taking no for an answer and I could see she was getting irritated. I really did not see the need for her to be so angry, it is not like she has a boyfriend but hey, this was girls night and guys were not allowed to spoil the fun, even my loving boyfriend, Uche knew that. I looked all around the club with all the scantily dressed females, not excluding myself and I knew some guys were getting lucky tonight. Sometime around 3am, I knew we had had enough and I mercifully went to rescue Tola. I drank the least since we had all decided I was driving tonight. We made our way finally through all the sweaty bodies and drove out of the club straight home. As soon as we got home, we all crashed on our beds.
I woke up earlier than every one the next day and early was around 12 noon. I decided to shower and go give my boo a surprise visit. I usually sleep all day after any girls night out so I knew he was not expecting me. He was always considerate and giving me my desired space knowing how pissed I get when I start feeling crowded. I branched a Chinese restaurant somewhere in town and got us some food. Uche is a terrible cook so expecting to meet food in his house is just a dream. He had given me a key to his apartment about six months ago. I already saw his car parked in the compound so I just unlocked the door and walked in, happy I did not come on a wild goose chase. As soon as I walked in, I could feel that something was wrong before I even saw it. Everywhere was unnecessarily quiet which was unusual because Saturdays was Uche’s television marathon day.
I walked straight to the bedroom and stopped cold when I saw Uche on the bed having hot sex with a slut. Yes I called her slut because she is shacking my man.
“What the hell is this?”
It is weird that all the movies talk about how the girlfriend either walks out immediately or starts crying or faints and all of those dramatic reactions but I just literally bust out laughing. I could not hold the laughter. I watched while they scampered around and Uche pushed the slut out but I just sat on the floor laughing my head out. I could not stop the laughter. I thought about the last two years and for somebody who prides herself on being too smart, I was so disappointed at my own stupidity.
“Teni, It’s not what you think. The girl came to seduce me”.
As soon as he said that, I started another round of laughter. I could not hold it.
”Really? Uche, Is that the best you could come up with? She seduced you?”
“Teni please I am sorry. Please forgive me.”
”Wait Uche, I want to hear the end of that story, when she seduced you, what now happened? You could not send her out? You had to have sex with her simply because you were not getting any from me?
”No babe, it was not like that, I swear this is the first time this is happening. You know we’re getting married, I will never disrespect you that way”.
”We are getting married?” I stared at him in mocking surprise. ”How come it is only you that knows that my love?”
“You know me better than to think there can be any relationship between us after this Uche. The moment you touched that slut, you made your choice and it is quite sad that you chose wrong”.
”Teni, please don’t do this”
”It is already done babe”.
I stood up and walked out of his house for good, He followed me to my car but I refused to even spare him a glance as I drove out of his compound. I drove straight home. By the time I got into the house, Tola and Chinonso were in the living room watching television. Immediately they saw my face they knew something was wrong.
“I caught Uche cheating” was all I said before Tola pulled me on to the sofa and wrapped me in a hug and I finally let the tears fall. They both knew me well enough. That relationship is definitely over. Some things I will never condone and cheating was one of them. Two years I had given wholeheartedly and two years I had wasted. I guess I am back in the dating pool once again.

Watch out for Episode 2

Papi lency choices

Twitter Appoints Ngozi Okonjo Iweala To Board Of Directors

Twitter Appoints Ngozi Okonjo Iweala To Board Of Directors


Twitter Inc, has announced the appointment of Nigeria’s former minister of finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, as a member of its board of directors.

Twitter Appoints Ngozi Okonjo Iweala To Board Of Directors

According to reports, the announcement was made by the company’s executive chairman, Omid of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, was also appointed to the board.

An excited Okonjo-Iweala had responded to the appointment in a tweet below.


Twitter Appoints Ngozi Okonjo Iweala To Board Of Directors


Making the announcement, Kordestani said: “Ngozi and Bob are distinguished leaders with unparalleled global perspective and policy expertise “We are confident they will be incredible assets to Twitter as we continue to focus on driving transparency and making Twitter a safer, healthier place for everyone who uses our service.”

Accepting the appointment, the former finance minister stated: “Twitter is a powerful platform that continues to be used as a strong connector for the global community, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team. ”

As we strive to build a better world for tomorrow, Twitter can amplify messages and drive critical conversations around today’s most important issues.
I look forward to partnering with Twitter’s talented directors and leadership team as we work to leverage the power of Twitter for good.”

On his part, Zoellick stated: “I’m honored to join a company as purposeful as Twitter. “Twitter has made meaningful progress in expanding and encouraging global dialogue and creativity on its platform, and I’m privileged to work with Jack, Omid and the rest of the board to continue the strong momentum underway.



Uniben Elder



( Movie premier )


An opene Onyebuchi film.

👤Host: UnibenElder

Venue🏛: 250ETF opp education field. University of Benin, EDO STATE

📕: 11th, August 2018.(Saturday)

⏳: 12pm (Red Carpet) Event closes by 4pm

🚨: This is the premier of a short film title WAZUNA The event promises to be one of a class and prestige. Every lover of good Movie, music, fashion, comedy and creativity as a whole has got to be there!

😱Note: Lots of Performance from Sochifrosh,sydney talker, REEZE,Younghyper(Dance,Comedy,music) and opportunities to showcase your talent. It going to be Fun

💳 Ticket : #500
You can get your ticket from osas ice_cream hall1/hall2 or chat up the contact below for ticket.

For Sponsorship and participation contact
📱: +2348186434746 +2348064556993

Follow official_buchiwrites on Instagram for more updates.

Pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye Clocks 70

Pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye Clocks 70

Foluke Adenike Adeboye was born on Tuesday 13th July 1948 to the family of Jacob Adelusi Adeyokunnu. It would appear to be that Pa Jacob Adeyokunnu was also the first son of his father from the royal family and lineage in Ijeshaland, the Owa Obokun Oji, thus, Foluke Adeboye is a princess.

Foluke’s father was a teacher and a catechist. He made sure that all his children were raised up as staunch Methodists. He was reported to be a strict disciplinarian.

Pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye Clocks 70

She is the eldest of a family of ten Children.
Pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye , blessed with rare gifts of administration, planning, hospitality, counseling, mentoring, ministering comfort, care, and encouragement to many, bringing hope, love and succor to the hopeless. Endowed with immense initiative, and great capacity for hard work.

Pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye Clocks 70

A missionary and minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A powerful intercessor, Bible Teacher & role model for lots of women. A pioneer of multiple projects, ministries and missions to the glory of God.

With a passion for planting Christian schools, has made immense contributions to the Nigerian Education sector, coordinating work in the field of Christian Education, by starting a vigorous movement (Christ the Redeemer’s Schools Movement) that has led to the founding of several Christian Educational institutions caring for the educational welfare of children in Nigeria and Internationally.

Pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye Clocks 70

A dutiful wife, a devoted mother and grandmother, a tireless evangelist, a hospitable and seasoned teacher with passion for excellence at all levels of education.

Today Friday 13th of July 2018 Pastor Mrs Adeboye Foluke is 70years of age ; We(Bootinfos) wish a happy birthday with long life and prosperity…

Use the comment box below to drop your birthday wishes for her.

2face Idibia Accompanies VP, Yemi Osinbajo To Hollywood (Photos)

2face Idibia Accompanies VP, Yemi Osinbajo To Hollywood (Photos)

2face Idibia Accompanies VP, Yemi Osinbajo To Hollywood (Photos)

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo paid a visit to Hollywood during his working visit to the United States and he was in company of 2face Idibia, Mo Abudu and other prominent figures in the Nigerian creative industry.

Osinbajo said the visit was an “interactive investment forum with institutions and individuals in Hollywood. Creativity and talent abound in Nigeria and we are open for business. I met with reps from Universal studios, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, IMAX, Disney and a host of others.”

Some of the other persons on the VP’s entourage to Hollywood included Terra Kulture founder, Bolanle Austen-Peters; Managing Director of Nigeria Film Corporation, Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, Executive Director of Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Segun Awolowo, Executive Director of Bank of Industry, Tony Adeniji and Special Adviser to the President on Economic Matters, Dr. Dipeolu.

CONGRATS! Genevieve Nnaji Completes Her Abuja Estate (Photos)

CONGRATS! Genevieve Nnaji Completes Her Abuja Estate (Photos)



Genevieve Nnaji has been getting congratulatory messages from fans on her social media pages following the alleged completion of her Abuja estate.
She had shared the photo of the building two years ago while it was still under-going construction in Apo Dutse in Abuja and so decided to also share its photo on completion.


She had shared the photo of the building two years ago while it was still under-going construction in Apo Dutse in Abuja and so decided to also share its photo on completion.

CONGRATS! Genevieve Nnaji Completes Her Abuja Estate

The 39-year-old Mbaise – born actress was seen in a photo posing with the newly completed estate which she shared on her Instagram Account as shown below:

CONGRATS! Genevieve Nnaji Completes Her Abuja Estate (Photos) CONGRATS! Genevieve Nnaji Completes Her Abuja Estate (Photos)

Genevieve Nnaji is one of the highest paid and most sought after actresses in the Industry.
She has many endorsements under her belt as well. She is brand ambassador to brands like Amstel Malta, Etisalat and Polo.


  1. Uniben Elder


Daniel obu populaly called unibenElder is a young and vibrant motivational speaker and actor populaly known in Uniben and it environs.

Uniben ElderLove to Educatate students on the importance of talent health and relationship.

Funny and friendly to be with. Currently a monderator in one of the Highest uniben group.

Uniben Elder

Work for Event and media companies like unibenhotplate,unibensoil, my paddi app to mention a few.

IG : unibenelder

Uniben Elder



Favorite quote: If you want to be somebody in life, then stop being somebody. Be yourself



    The triends by papi lency - chapter 4Story time



By Papi Lency

(Chapter 4)

How I got home kept baffling me as I couldn’t remember but any way am home was on ma bed with just my underwear WTF how come who did t by his to me could it be the two rabbits nooo those chicken where way too drunk to even remember their names just then I heard a knock on the door I pretended to be sleeping surprisingly the door opened OMG it was Mary in this skimpy tight gown that exposed all her shape I wanted to freak out I mean Mary in ma room but then I was still pretending then she sat on my bed looked at me then slept beside me omg I couldn’t control the burner unknown to me that shit was poking out the duvet Mary saw it, was Stroking it then i adjusted she jumped up From the bed pretending to be sweeping
” yawned hmm Mary what are you doing here?”
” I came to sweep your room ”
” how did I get here who brought me into the room? ”
” I did after bathing you” Mary said
” What!!! Did you really do all of that ” I said in surprise it was then I realised shayo na bastard
Phone rings
” Hello?”
“Hey babe how are you?”
” sorry who’s this?”
” really you deleted my number already”
” you’ve not still mentioned ya name”
” ok this Dami whatsup”
” Dami? Really? Why are you calling?”
” Nothing just thought I congratulate you about Cynthia she’s really a tough girl also to tell you I miss you so much wanted to kiss you today but was scared you might just embarrass me”
” hmm you should have atleast tried ”
” what about Cynthia?”
” you would have been smart about it”
” how about tomorrow my place”
I had to agree after all am not dating anyone got out of bed for dinner surprisingly I met Cynthia downstairs
“Cynthia, what you doing here I mean you didn’t tell me you was coming”
” is that how you treat your girlfriend atleast that’s what I told your nanny before she let me see you”
With that shocked expression on my face “what? How could you do that?”
“isnt that what it is?”
” Cynthia I had a Nice time with you today dont ruin the memory please”
” I came so you accompany me back home anyway”
“and where are you coming from?” I asked
What!!!! does this girl have sense at all she came from her house so I escort her back it was then I realised I was on boxers damn but wait ohh she has seen everything already tch nothing to fear
“ok let me change and I’ll be with you” as I dashed upstairs ….
Back at home
” so that’s ya girlfriend?” Mary just asked without notice
“who ?”
” the girl you went out with ”
“nah just whatsapp group somthing you know ” well man had to come up with something have still got interest in her tho
” she’s cute you both look good”
“Mary lets not talk about that” I interrupted pretending not to like it
” should I plait your hair see its all grown?”
” hmm ok but we’ll lose it before mom gets back”
“alright sir” she said jokingly as we both laugh I wasn’t understanding Mary again she was always to her self why is she now all caring this days but I didn’t get an answer about thirty minutes later she was done mhen see fine boy was looking totally different took pictures for memory sake 🍶
” lets snap” Mary said
“why?” I asked surprisingly
” dont you want to give me credit for the hair on instagram?”
” ok that would be fair ”
While snapping man she was pecking me in the name of posing all this messages she was sending was confusing.
I forgot I went back to my room with the hair then was on instagram live Lotta of my followers liked the hair even though There where still haters but I liked the fact that most people like it..
“Son!!!!!!!!” That was my mom
I went to open the door just to watch the smiling expression on my moms face disappear damn I just remembered man your hair
“Son what’s this?”
“hmm mom was just …….”
“save it I think I like this ”
What my mom said she liked it really mehn I was fvcking excited now I can keep it lol to the haters………………..

Police Rescue Mikel Obi’s Kidnapped Father

Police Rescue Mikel Obi’s Kidnapped Father


Police Rescue Mikel Obi’s Kidnapped Father

The Enugu State Police Command on Monday, July 2nd rescued the kidnapped father of Super Eagles captain, Mikel Obi.

A spokesperson for the State Police Command, who confirmed the development in a statement, Ebere Amaraizu, said Pa Michael Obi and his driver, Ishaya John, were kidnapped last Friday along Makurdi – Enugu Road.

“The Enugu State Command of the Nigeria Police Force through its operatives of the 9thmile Division on Monday at 2:30 p.m. rescued Pa Michael Obi and his driver one Ishaya John unhurt in Egede udi forest of Enugu State along old Egede Affa Road in Enugu,” the statement read.

“They were rescued hale and hearty and Pa Michael Obi and the driver have rejoined their family. It was gathered that Pa Obi was allegedly abducted along Makurdi -Enugu road in the afternoon of 29/6/18 on his way from Jos in his grey colored Toyota pardon jeep with registration number MUS 604CG and taken to the unknown destination through the thick forest part of the area.

“It was further gathered that the abductors started calling to demand a ransom of N10 million before the operatives acting on intelligence information swooped on them where a gun duel ensued.

This forced the hoodlums to abandon their victims inside the forest and they were promptly rescued.”

Actress Chika Ike Becomes An Author, Publishes New Book (Photos )

Actress Chika Ike Becomes An Author, Publishes New Book (Photos ) 

Actress Chika Ike Becomes An Author, Publishes New Book


Nollywood actress and business woman Chika Ike is now an author. The beautiful graduate of Harvard university has decided to share her life experiences with her fans and people around the world.

Chika Ike wrote this on her IG page;
chikaike It took me over seven years of writing to finally publish Boss up! Seven years of documenting my thoughts, emotions, truth and events that taught me some life lessons and brought me to this point .

Three years ago before my mum passed , she was also an author and was aware of my unpublished book, she looked at me, held my hands and told me to tell my truth. I’m a very guarded person, my walls are up because life has thrown me so many curved balls, I brought down all my walls in this book , because the truth is we are on this earth to share and not just to take.

I finally bossed up and got my book published. Boss up is one of my ways of giving back. Telling my truth isn’t so comfortable, it has been a roller coaster ride to get here. I have failed, made mistakes, trusted, had my lows and highs.


But today I stand firm, stronger than ever and living my best life. Boss up is a 41 chapter book, which cover most of the obstacles we encounter in life , fear , convention, betrayal , love , self esteem and money . Some are internal existing in our minds and some are external found in other people’s attitudes. It will give you a guide to conquering such obstacles and living your best life.

You asked and I answered, all my tips and tricks on how I became this successful are in this book. A girl who had nothing but just her dreams, now a successful Filmmaker, a Harvard trained business woman, philanthropist and passionate about empowering people.

I remember the days I struggled to pay rent, now I don’t just live in my dream home but I also develop and rent out properties and my list is endless. So dip in with both feet and enjoy the book.
From me to you with love

Ghanaian actor cries out, says no actress wants to kiss him in movies

Ghanaian actor cries out, says no actress wants to kiss him in movies

Ghanaian actor cries out, says no actress wants to kiss him in movies


Ghanaian actor, Yaw Adu has questioned why actresses always refuse to kiss him even when Directors tell them to do so in movies.
He revealed in a recent interview that when he had the opportunity to kiss an actress in a movie, she turned him down when the scene got to that part.
“The only actress I have kissed wasn’t a star but I later had an opportunity to kiss Vivian Jill in a movie, which she needed a child and I had to sleep with her for her to conceive but she later turned me down and dodged me when I tried kissing her.
“I did not ask her why she dodged me because I didn’t believe in myself either.
“Perhaps they think since I have big eyes, I might knock them with it which scares them away,” he said.
Sumsun further added that Ghallywood actresses also discriminate against those of them from Kumasi when it comes to kissing.
“I watched a movie, Liwin was directed to kiss Jackie Appiah but she denied him. Assuming it was Majid, she would have kissed him passionately with no qualms

BET 2018: Davido Wins Best Int’l Act

BET 2018: Davido Wins Best Int’l Act


BET 2018: Davido Wins Best Int’l Act

Chart topping hits singer, Davido has won this year’s BET 2018 Best International Act award. The category is the one for African artistes and Africans in Diaspora. The event which recognized an exceptional lineup of artists, entertainers, cultural provocateurs and inspiring humanitarians across over 19 categories was held on Sunday, June 25th, 2018 at the Microsoft Theatre at Los Angeles LA.


Hosted by Grammy-award winner, Jamie Foxx, the 18th BET Awards celebrated years of impactful performances from the hottest names in the business and appearances from entertainment’s most talked-about players.

The Nigerian pride, Davido beat ten other fellow nominees Tiwa Savage, Booba(France), Cassper Nyovest (South Africa), Dadju (France), Distruction Boyz (South Africa), Fally Ipupa (DR Congo), J Hus (UK), Niska (France), Stefflon Don (UK) and Stormzy(UK). During his acceptance speech, Davido sent his condolences to D’banj and also urged American artistes to collaborate with their counterparts in Africa. “And as I go on, I wanna talk about Africa. My continent has been so blessed to influence many cultures,” he said.
“Come to Africa, eat the food, wear the clothes. Get ready for me, let’s collaborate. My album drops this year. J. Cole. Yo Quay, I’m waiting on that verse Quay,” the DMW founder added.
Nicki Minaj took over the BET stage with a fierce version of her current single, “Chun Li.” She later re-appeared alongside 2 Chainz and Big Sean as featured artists on YG’s performance of “Big Bank.” Meek Mill delivered a powerful performance of his first new song since being released from prison, “Stay Woke,” addressing the abhorrent inequalities in the criminal justice system, and included vivid imagery of police violence and mass incarceration.

Presenters included the entertainment industry’s top black actors, artists, and entrepreneurs including Michael B. Jordan, Kevin Hart, T.I., L.L. Cool J, Bobby Brown, Tyra Banks, Tyler Perry and Questlove.

The triends by papi lency – chapter 3

The triends by papi lency – chapter 3

The triends by papi lency - chapter 3
Story time



By Papi Lency

(Chapter 3)

I could feel my vein tingle, was about walking out but Cynthia held me
” *_dont_* ” she said
That alone calmed the anger in me, I can’t stand staying with Dami she was annoying in a way
At the corner of the room was Lewis with Sharon mhen Lewis finished that girl’s lips I could see her pulling his shirt for more Lewis on his end wasn’t dulling his hands was everywhere
” guy howfa Na you sef deh here?” Matto yelled from behind
” noooooo I just deh fly pass ” I replied in sarcasm as we laughed was about sitting down when Cynthia turn down the music ” hello people remember I told you I was waiting for someone well they came through let me introduce you to my boyfriend” she said in a sweet sexy voice pointing her left hand to me, really can’t remember dating Cynthia but had to play along I mean who wouldn’t want to be Cynthia’s boyfriend she’s curvy thick neat badass smart what else I could see the expression on Dami’s face she was pained but who cares anyway lol to the haters.
” guy ya a bad guy you no tell me say you deh run Cynthia” Lewis whispered
” guy leave that thing no dhe whine …… ” wasn’t through with my statement when Sharon with her big chest bent in front of Lewis and dragged him into one of the room jeez was happy for ma nigga Lewis he had always wanted Sharon’s boobs lol.
Things went down, different familiar sounds from different corners of the sitting room mhen I was feeling spiritual already you know what I mean- lol- Cynthia was busy serving Vodka and lemonade just to get everybody in the mood when she got to me I took three glasses
” oun someone wants to show off” she said naughtily
” me show off nope am just get ready”
” ready? Wow guess I’ll be needing energy drinks when you done” as she handed the remaining drinks to titi to continue the serving and sits on my lap
” so baby boy where’s your destination? ”
” P’land but first lets get some where quiet so I hear you moan ma name” I whispered into her hear, naturally I wasn’t good with all the dirty talking and shii but then as a learner that I am, I was trying.
” Before you continue this ride you should finish your poison” Cynthia said referring to my drink damn its going down mamafuvker I gulped down all three glass at once
” ooouu so rider first of all your should hold on to the wheels ” she said while standing up and placing my hands on her boobs and leading the way into her room, my guy I was speechless couldn’t even feel my face lol but we thank God I went into room and came out alive am not telling you in details what went down but you know something went down that girl was fire not like the rest who just lay there and let you do all the work …….


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